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    11:00 P.M. I'm sitting in my very good friend Kayla's room. Her parents aren't home for the night so we decided to have a sleepover. Even though we're just friends, her parents don't typically allow boys to stay overnight, but we don't have to worry about that with them gone. Now, Kayla is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, with a beautiful smile, soft brown eyes, and flowing golden hair, a little past shoulder length, along with a very cute looking face. She's much shorter than me, only around 5 foot 4 inches, compared to my 6 feet. Needless to say, Kayla is an extremely attractive looking girl, with the personality to match. She's fairly thin, but can also pack a punch when she needs to, which I have been on the receiving end of a few times for the tricks I like to pull on her. Something about her makes it very fun to mess around with her, probably because she is a very attractive girl and her reaction (especially her facial expression) is always priceless. Tonight was a night unlike any other. We talked for a while, watched some movies, ate popcorn, cuddled while watching movies (she loves cuddling) and talked some more. One way or another the night lead to truth or dare. And that is where the fun begins.

    We both sat on the carpeted floor of her room. I looked around her room for what felt like the millionth time. Most things were pink, her walls, the blankets on her bed, her desk. She loved pink. Her walls were covered with different things, pictures of her and her friends, posters of her favorite bands (mostly boy bands that I don't care for), and just some other cool posters that she likes. On her door was a hanging coat rack with cone of the hooks occupied. Outside the window it was snowing. A nice night to be inside her cozy room. I looked over at Kayla sitting across from me. She was still wearing her jeans and her white long sleeve shirt with pink sleeves. Did I mention she loved pink? She was looking at me waiting for me to ask her first.

    "Truth or Dare?" I asked her, hoping for the latter. I secretly kind of love to humiliate her in a way, so truth or dare is perfect for that.
    "Hmmm..." She ponders, sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor.
    "Truth" She finally answers. I curse in my head. I guess I'll have to wait. I'll start out tame.
    "What's your favorite color?" I ask laughing.
    "Oh I don't know what do you think?" She sarcastically answers looking around the room at the obvious color scheme of the room.
    "Magenta." I joke. We both laugh until I say,
    "Your turn." She thinks for a moment and then asks,
    "What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?"
    "Ugh I don't even want to think about that." I say trying to think of the answer.
    "Probably the soggy three day old onion ring that I was payed twenty dollars to eat." Kayla cringes,
    "Ew really? That's gross!" She laughs then says,
    "Whatever, for twenty bucks I'd do it too." The truth and dare goes on for a while, neither of us wanting to choose dare. The questions don't get much more exciting until...
    "Dare." Kayla nervously says. She decided to go first. She knows I like to mess with her, but I guess she wanted to spice things up. I ponder for a second and then think of a great idea. Something I have not had the courage to do to her yet. I smile devilishly at her and then stand up.
    "Stand up and close your eyes for ten seconds." She does so, practically shaking. She usually has fun with the pranks I pull on her, but knowing that it's coming but not seeing it, or being aware of when must be terrifying for her. As soon as she closes her eyes she starts counting to ten.
    "One, two, three..." As she is counting I silently walk around to her back. I look down at her perky little butt.
    "...Four, five, six..." She continues counting. Her shirt is a little bit scrunched up from sitting down and I can see the top of her jeans and a little bit of her bare back. I slowly reach my hands towards her waist.
    "...Seven, eight, ni-" She's cut off by my hands quickly reaching into the back of her pants. Her eyes shoot open but she is too shocked to do anything. My fingers curl around the soft waistband of her panties.
    "Wedgie!" I taunt as I pull her underwear out of her pants.
    "EEP!" She cries. Other than that she is shocked silent.
    "Haha nice undies Kayla, did your mom buy them for you?" I laugh, looking at her childish choice of panties. She was wearing bikini-cut panties with a yellow waistband and white fabric. The childish part was that there were little pictures of yellow rubber ducks all over them.
    "I at least thought they would be pink!" I told her as I pulled a little harder. I leaned over her shoulder so I could see her face. Her cheeks were completely red, and her eyes were wide. She was trying to open her mouth but couldn't manage it, result of the pain, the embarrassment, or probably both. She looked adorable. I pulled just hard enough to bring them to the middle of her back, the legholes of her undies just barely peeking out. the color matched that of the waistband. Her panties were soft, but I doubt that's what they felt like to her right now. I figured I'd humiliated her enough and decided to stop. I let go of her underwear and let them snap back onto her back, just above her pants. Her panties were mostly bunched up above her jeans, the ducks all smiling at me. Her hands went to her back to cover her panties and she turned around and looked up at me. She still had that shocked look on her face, eyes wide and cheeks bright red. I was afraid I went too far. I looked down at her and wrapped my arms around her. She did the same, panties still wedged in her ass and out of her pants. I thought she was about to cry, when she punched me in the side. I stepped back and grabbed where she hit me.
    "Ow!" I yelled, as she stood back laughing. Good I hadn't screwed anything up.
    "That was mean!" She yelled at me, laughing at the same time. We laughed for awhile before I asked,
    "Um, are you going to fix that?" And pointed to her backside. She looked around to look herself. Once she noticed she covered her panties and blushed. She gave an embarrassed smile and then tried to fix her wedgie. I say "tried" because her pants were just a bit too tight for her to fix it all the way.
    "Wow you really got those up there." She said surprised. She turned away from me. Her panties were slightly fixed but still mostly showing.
     "Wait is she going to do what I think she's going to do?" I thought to myself. We were very comfortable with each other because we had known each other for years, but this still was very intriguing. She unbuttoned the top button of her pants and then unzipped the zipper.
     "Oh my, this is really happening"
    "My pants are too tight; I can't get my undies out of my ass without unzipping them!" She laughed, not realizing how shocked and attracted I was right now. The prankster in me awakened again and gave me a great idea. her back was still turned to me, and she was still trying to pull her panties out of her ass (which was an extreme turn on as well). I tiptoed behind her. She had one hand trying to pull the panties out, and the other one trying to push them down. Perfect opportunity. I grabbed two handfuls of her pants and yanked them all the way down to her ankles. I couldn't believe I actually did it. I had pantsed Kayla right down to her cute duck undies. In doing so I crouched down a little. I looked up, and noticed my face was an inch away from her panty-clad ass. I had never seen it up close and personal before. Her ass was smooth and round, even looking at it I could tell it was soft but firm, a perfect middle ground. She had quite obviously not finished picking her wedgie because her panties were still slightly wedged in between her cute cheeks. I looked up at her face. She had almost the exact same expression as before, the eyes, the blushing, the embarrassment quite apparent. But there was something different about her face this time that I can not quite explain. Perhaps a look of curiosity. She turned to me, hands covering her panties and knees together. Her cute pose made me even more attracted to her. Then suddenly, she looked right into my eyes and said, "Truth or Dare?"

    I was baffled. She had her pants around her ankles, embarrassing duck undies on show, still giving her a bit of a wedgie, and she wants to keep playing. As attracted to her as I was, and as much as I wanted it to keep going, I was planning on her giving up after this. So I did the first thing that came to my mind.
    "Dare." The words left my lips with confidence. What she said next might be the best thing anyone has ever said to me.
    "Kiss me." She said.
    "What?!" I exclaimed, thrown aback by her demand. She stopped covering her underwear and straightened out her legs. She stepped out of her pants and walked towards me. I couldn't believe what was happening.
    "I said kiss me." She repeated.
    "Kayla I-" I struggled to get out the words. This beautiful girl in her cute duck panties was standing right in front of me telling me to kiss her. She looked up at my eyes, cheeks still flush and wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned in very close to me and said it once more.
    "Kiss me." She closed her eyes and leaned in toward me. I did the same. I wrapped my arms around her waist and we kissed. She took her hands off of the back of my neck and onto my hands. she slid my hands from her waist, down to her ass. Half of my hands were on her soft panties, the other half on her soft skin. We continued like that for what seemed like a lifetime. I lifted my hand off of her ass and brought it back down with force. *Smack* My hand made a satisfying slap onto her ass and I could feel her tense up. She let out a slight moan and then brought her lips away from mine. She was smiling, but still blushing.
    "Truth or Dare?" I asked her.
    "Truth." She replied, making me slightly disappointed, but I did have a question to ask.
    "You like being humiliated don't you?" She smiled and put her head against my chest. She hugged me tightly and sweetly sighed.
     "I'll take that as a yes" I thought to myself as I returned the gesture. We ended the night falling asleep together in her bed, a stinging red hand print on her ass, duck panties only half covering it.

The End
First Person Wedgie: Truth or Dare
Just a thing I thought of and decided to put it into a story. Also no this is not a true story. Also yay a thing from me :D. If you do not like wedgies do not read this.
Hey everyone sorry I've been dead for the past few months I've been extremely depressed for quite a while now and I don't feel like writing a lot because of it. I did have an idea though. Since I'm in a bit of a lovesick mood how would you guys like a kinda romance wedgie story? Maybe short maybe long it depends on how it goes. Please comment so I can get some feedback and maybe even some ideas for it, I'm open to people sharing their ideas with me :D anyway I guess that's it for now
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